About Us

We sustainably provide our national and international customers with high quality, hygienic and healthy products. We present value and quality to our customers providing innovative solutions satisfying the globally increasing nutritive and healthy product requirement.

We increase efficiency to the highest level in our facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology machinery and equipment. We renew our equipment as the time requires. We perform the circumstances requiring elaborate workmanship fastidiously with our qualified co-workers specialist in their relevant fields.

We create our sensitivity towards environment thinking of ourselves, our children and our future, and we work definitely without compromising from hygiene rules. We avoid from unnecessary resource consumption with environmental protection understanding. One of our basic principles is that future is also as important as today. Because, our future shall be built by healthy and happy children. Leaving a clean environment and presenting right and healthy food for our children is a very significant issue. 

We, NeoFish, are a family who is responsible towards the environment and society, cares about customer satisfaction, do not compromise from quality. We document the importance we place on environment, health and co-workers with all certificates we hold.